DJ Butterr: Which Radio Program have had you glued to your seat.

​Its been a while I listened to a program on radio, having had most of my previous radio channels changed or closed, but on this faithful day I luckily tuned in to Kennis FM 104.1 and there she was DJ Butterr.

This time bored to the bones, i decided to have a go with my phone internet radio and behold this program caught my whole attention.
Listening to a program presented by DJ Butterr of Kennis FM 104.1, a program tagged .what really caught my fancy about this program was the presenters voice, its was quite mezmirizing and calm even though the pace was quite fast, it was at the same time easy to grab with all the porche and tuche brand. Dj Butterr has gat it all, what i love most about the program is her ability to identify her listeners plight and offering a good and reaponsible approach to a said question, its like been in a room with a shrink.

Having someone to share your troubles, worries and anxiety helps a lot and its something but this is something not quite attainable to an average Nigerian. Terapy has always worked in the West and Africans are quite open to this now, so having DJ Butterr do justice to peoples questions on Ask Dj Butter Question was a program Im definitely gonna have my ass permanently glued to the seat from 12.00pm to 4.00pm.
Tune in to Kennis FM 104.1 FM afternoon drive to have DJ Butter blow your mind with her amazing DJ SPIN.

So readers which radio program have had such a positive effect in your life and have had to always tuned in…

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