Naijxclusive celebrates Ibrahim Mohammed Ogbanago who returned 10,000 DOLLARS


Ibrahim Mohammed Ogbanago

Ibrahim Mohammed Ogbanago

Last year July, a security man, Ibrahim Mohammed Ogbanago attached to UBA , Oba Akran Branch Ikeja Lagos did the unthinkable. He returned an opened envelope a customer lost in the bank that contained 10, 000 US dollars (about 3.5 million naira by then).  

His monthly salary was below 40, 000 naira, some Nigerians then especially the youths mocked him on the Internet by insisting that he was not a normal Nigerian. Some said that his village gods made him not to take the money.

Most interesting were those that he insisted that he will die poor. The man’s name is Ibrahim Mohammed Ogbanago.

Yesterday at UBA BANK annual general meeting, heaven opened for him. Though the bank refused to announce how much they gave him, two governors gave him total of 15, 000 dollars and the Senate will honour him physically on Tuesday with an award and 5 million naira.

Some Nigerians last night and afterwards celebrated the winner of Big Brother Africa that went home with 25 million.  But the cash reward for BBN is for what? Ibrahim got his reward for hard work, honesty and integrity not by being indoors guzzling alcohol, partying, smoking or bathing naked for the world to see.

Naijxclusive celebrate Ibrahim and urge Nigerians to know that honesty and integrity can be rewarded. We must shun all short cuts to wealth. Be contended but work hard.



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