GLOBACOM: GLO NG Network still s**t even with 4GLite


The idea of introducing the 4GLite network is to boost internet speed with most Networks achieving that GLO NG network still remain unreliable.

GLO NG is our indigenous mobile network, which have competed with foreign network providers like MTN, Etisalat and Airtel in the coverage of Nigeria Telecommunication service, but GLO NG have remained ever unreliable both on calls and data services.

The latest upgrade to 4GLite was a welcome step for GLO subscribers with areas having the 4GLite services tagged as areas boosting uninterrupted service with unimaginable internet speed.

This was the question thrown at the company during their launch of the 4GLite network, “With the introduction of 4G services have GLO been able improve and stabilize their network or is 4G serving as an improved speed when there is network?” This area has ever remained a problem Globacom have always failed to tackle, instead they channel their recourses in enriching celebrities and bragging about been the Grandmasters of data.

I’m writing this article cause for years now data services, charges and network remains a major issue in Nigeria, I can basically reveal that I’ve got SIM pack for all the Netorks in Nigeria be it MTN(triple sim), Airtel (double), Etisalat(One) and last but not least GLO(triple sim) all in the name of enjoying good data services and fast internet speed.

I enjoyed GLO quite well when I was in Abakaliki, but on getting to Uyo GLO network was a disaster. That failed adventure have brought me to the over hyped city with 4GLite (Lagos), believe me things are just the same as ever.

My question now is goes to celebrities like Basketmouth, RMD, Reekado Banks, Mama G to mention but a few who go about featuring in adverts deceiving average Nigerians to stick with a Network who have decided to be a failure all through its inception, Are you guys been offered a quite different network coverage to the whole us out their still suffering from GLO NG poor management?







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