Chyn a new rap kid in the bloc dropping hot ryhmes

​Knowing a pure that takes charisma, Chyn exihibits such talents that gets you guess for what next.

Having released a mega hit single “Omo Kekere” in 2017, I decides to share a thing or two with you about an artist whose ready the take the industry by storm with his rap mastery.

Real Name:Cheyenne Hamilton Labesa
Music Genre:
Record Label:

UK-based Nigerian rapper Chyn, real name Cheyenne Hamilton Labesa who’s currently based out in Scotland studying at the University of Aberdeen. He’s one of the emerging artists I’ve been following for a very long time now and we can seem to find a lot of information on him currently.
Nevertheless, If I had to describe Chyn as an artist, I’d say he was essentially a 90’s rapper infused with some much needed 21st century musicality. He loves laid back beats, and is not a fan of bait lyrics. I like to refer to him as a ‘Ghost Rapper’, why? Because he is one of those dudes that you literally have to dig out. I’d say he is more slept on than underrated.
United Kingdom born Nigerian rapper, Cheyenne Labesa, with the stage name Chyn , began his music at an age when many where still on a quest to terms with puberty. The smooth rapper Chyn, who has a Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University Of Aberdeen, Scotland, began to attract a following after the release of his mixtape, “The Graduate.”
Drawing influences from the greats in the game, and exercising a great understanding of the music business, which has aided his music considerably, he is poised to make 2016 scream his name.
Last year he made a splash on the scene with the song
‘Chardonnay music’ , a collaboration with Falz on the album “Stories That Touch.” He also had considerable joy and love from his second collaboration with Falz, ‘Big’.
Now with the New Year in full swing, the rapper is working on concluding old projects, and making the crossover from ‘underground rap’, to fully accepted and celebrated mainstream.

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